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Support Groups

Joining a support group can bring many rewards to patients and their families. Having a safe environment and the freedom to express oneself is important to children and adults who participate in support groups in the medical environment.

Therapeutic benefits of support groups:

  • A feeling of connectedness with others who are going through a similar experience
  • An opportunity for positive and negative expression through communication, art, music or journaling
  • Improving interpersonal and coping skills
  • Finding comfort in seeing the success of others in a similar situation
  • A feeling of altruism by helping others
  • Installation of hope for the future
  • To experience acceptance and cohesiveness in the group setting
  • Guidance from group members
  • Self understanding and personal growth
  • Provides respite
  • An atmosphere of fun and relaxation
  • Provides education resources, and networking

Child Life Specialists at Children's Hospital & Medical Center facilitate monthly support groups for patients and siblings in the Omaha area while social workers lead the parent/caregiver group separately.

Groups that Child Life Specialists participate in are:

Candlelighters of Omaha Kid's Group, Teen Group and Parent Group:
This group serves children and adolescents with cancer, their siblings, and parents. Candlelighters meet monthly at Children's.

For more information, please contact Christy Hogan at (402) 955-3957, or Email us

Therapeutic activities include:

  • Talking about diagnosis
  • Group art projects or murals
  • Coping with holidays
  • Giving back to others
  • Outdoor activities (balloon release, blowing bubbles, etc.)
  • Back to school after diagnosis
  • Relaxation and coping techniques
  • Movie and popcorn night
  • Wish or dream boxes
  • Time capsules
  • Monthly journaling

There may be other support groups in the area that are available to children and families. Please contact your physician to find out more about a specific group that would benefit your child and family.


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