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Our Staff

The Craniofacial Clinic at Children's Hospital & Medical Center uses a multidisciplinary team of specialists to ensure your child receives optimal treatment and management of his or her conditions. Our specialized team has experience in treating a variety of craniofacial disorders and deformities with significant success.


Jason J. Miller, M.D.
Mark J. Puccioni, M.D.

Craniofacial Team

Jason J. Miller, M.D., craniofacial surgery
Mark J. Puccioni, M.D., pediatric neurosurgery
Lois Starr M.D., genetics
Gary S. Lerner, M.D., pediatrics
Valmont Desa, M.D., oral and maxillofacial surgery
Jeffery Markt, M.D., oral and maxillofacial prosthodontics
Ryan Sewell, M.D., ENT

Kristine Kuehn, clinic coordinator
Diane Johnson, social worker

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