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Diagnosis & Treatment


Before recommending treatment, our doctors provide a comprehensive evaluation and testing of each child's condition during the first visit. Testing typically includes allergy skin testing and/or blood testing. Finding out what your child is allergic to is an important step to providing effective allergy treatment. When combined with a detailed medical history, allergy testing will allow our physicians to identify the specific things that trigger your allergic reactions.


Our goal is to help your child have the best quality of life by achieving successful management and treatment of his or her allergies and/or asthma. We believe this is most successfully accomplished through a family-centered care approach in which the family plays an integral role in managing the child's disease and is an important part of the communication and educational process. We provide extensive education and counseling to help you and your child manage his or her condition successfully at home. We also communicate regularly to the referring physician and consider him or her an essential part of the care team.


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