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Application Process

Application Process

We accept applications for the Nurse Residency Program three times per year. In general we accept applications for the Spring cohort starting in August, the Summer cohort starting in January, and the Fall cohort in May.

Can I apply for the Nurse Residency Program before I pass my NCLEX exam?

Yes. The new graduate BSN nurse may apply for the Nurse Residency Program prior to the completion of the NCLEX exam. Prior to starting employment at Children’s, the nurse must possess a valid nursing license. 

Stage 2 of Application for Nurse Residency:

Based on established criteria, selected candidates will be asked to complete stage 2 of the nurse resident application process. Stage 2 application information includes the following:

  • 2 letters of recommendation; one of which must be a clinical faculty member using a specified format.
  • Official school transcripts from BSN program
  • Resume
  • Must commit to work full time during the first year of the Nurse Residency Program.
  • Must commit to one additional year of service after completing Nurse Residency Program, working at least 24 hours/week.

Application deadlines:

  • Application is in 2 stages. Stage 1 and 2 of the application process must be completed by the due date specified in the Deadlines & Important Dates section
    • Stage 1: complete initial application.
    • Stage 2: If initial application information meets the Nurse Residency Program criteria, applicants will be asked to complete stage 2 of the application process.

When and how will I be notified of the decision to either offer me a residency or decline my application for the Nurse Residency Program?

You will receive a phone call with an offer for a nurse resident position at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. This phone call will include the salary for this position. Phone calls will be completed no later than the final decisions for hiring date specified in Deadlines & Important Dates.