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Class descriptions

HEROES Educational Groups

  • Group #1

    Nutrition:  MyPyramid/Portion Sizes
    This group reviews the MyPyramid and appropriate portions within each food group with emphasis on the fact that everyone has unique nutritional needs. We play with common household items to learn practical ways to estimate portions.

    Behavioral Health:  Eco-Map
    This class helps parents and children develop a better understanding of how their environment and close relationships impact their abilities to make healthy choices. Participants take a close look at how the barriers in their lives may be preventing them from losing weight and getting healthier.

  • Group #2

    All About Me Speeches/Affirmation Night

    This is a very special night in HEROES education. Participants are pushed outside their comfort zones by preparing individual presentations for the group. The audience has its own assignment by offering positive feedback to the presenter to help each of them see themselves through new eyes. This group has developed into a powerful and moving experience for HEROES participants and is co-facilitated by the social worker and dietitian.

  • Group #3

    Nutrition:  Nutrients
    Why do we need to eat foods from all of the food groups? Group participants learn why we need the macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and the micronutrients: vitamins and minerals. This is a brief overview of why it is important to include all of the food groups and variety in our food choices.

    Behavioral Health:  Eating Your Feelings
    Participants learn about emotional eating and the impact this has on their ability to be healthy. Parents and children learn better ways to deal with their feelings so they don't continue to "stuff them back down" with food.

  • Group #4

    Nutrition:  Fruits and Vegetables
    Color yourself healthy! Our HEROES participants work together to share ideas of how to include the rainbow of fruits and vegetables on their plates.

    Behavioral Health:  Parenting Strategies for Discipline: Behavior Modification 101
    This class helps parents understand the importance of setting limits with their children and gives them concrete ways to provide appropriate rewards and consequences for behavioral expectations set in the home.

  • Group #5

    Nutrition:  Milk/Calcium
    How we take care of our bones now has an impact on our future. The kids and parents in this group hear the many benefits of milk and why it is important to include foods from the milk group as well as weight-bearing activities into a healthy lifestyle.

    Behavioral Health:  Goal Setting: Are Goals Wishes? Can Your Wishes be Goals?
    This group is designed to help participants learn how to turn their wishes into attainable goals. Parents are given techniques for helping their children learn how to set goals and determine appropriate objectives for reaching them.

  • Group #6

    Nutrition:  Breakfast
    We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Participants gain an understanding of why this is true and the benefits of making breakfast a priority.

    Behavioral Health:  Put Your Ears On! Active and Reflective Listening
    It doesn't help for children to learn how to express their feelings if their parents aren't also learning the importance of listening. This group helps children learn how to express their feelings using "I" statements, and then works with parents on learning how to use active listening skills to help their children deal with difficult situations in healthy ways.

  • Group #7

    Medical Information Group

  • Group #8

    Nutrition:  Sugar in Beverages
    "No way a can of regular pop has THAT much sugar in it!" This group provides a hands-on experience in seeing how much sugar is in various beverages and suggests options for better choices.

    Behavioral Health:  Surviving Holidays & Special Occasions
    This class is designed to give families alternative ideas for celebrating holidays and other special occasions, without veering off course from their HEROES goals.

  • Group #9

    Nutrition:  Bottomless Bowls
    Sometimes a small change such as portioning a snack at the kitchen counter before taking it to the living room can have a major impact on the amount of food we eat. There are many 'tricks' we can use to prevent ourselves from overeating.

    Behavioral Health:  Stopping the Bullies
    All children struggle with bullying behavior at some point in their childhood. However, children with obesity issues sometimes experience the worst of these situations. This class offers concrete, helpful ideas for stopping bullying behavior all together.

  • Group #10

    Nutrition:  What's Your Snacking Style
    When it comes to snacking, everyone has their own style. Some kids snack all day. Others snack only while watching TV. Your snacking style may affect what and how much you eat.

    Behavioral Health:  Forming New Healthy Habits
    Changing bad habits into good ones is not easy! This class discusses habitual behavior and gives techniques for changing a desired behavior into a daily habit.

  • Group #11

    Nutrition:  Fast Food
    Let's be honest here... It's not reasonable to NEVER eat fast food again, right? So, when we are presented with the many options at fast food restaurants, this class will help you learn how to make good choices.

    Behavioral Health:  Body Image
    I'm fat. I'm ugly. I wish I was taller, shorter, had a smaller nose, bigger muscles. Most everyone can relate to these self-deprecating statements at one time or another. This educational group teaches participants the difference between self-esteem and body image and also talks about how these two concepts are intricately connected. Class activities help to illustrate for children how they can increase their self-esteem through conscious choices made in their daily lives.

  • Group #12

    Nutrition:  Unplugged
    For weight management, activity is just as important as eating right. The best way to fit activity into a healthy lifestyle is to find activities we enjoy. This group encourages thinking outside of the box when it comes to fitting activity into our busy lives.

    Behavioral Health:  Parents & Kids Working Together for Life Changes
    Getting healthy is a family responsibility. This educational group highlights for participants and their parents some of the responsibilities that each of them must take in order to reach their HEROES goals.

  • Group #13

    Nutrition:  Family Meals
    Despite the benefits, many families don't eat dinners together. For many families, other things such as work schedules, after-school activities, sports practices, teens' jobs and volunteer work, get in the way. This group provides several reasons to have family meals and ideas to help families make them a priority.

    Behavioral Health:  Who are Your Heroes?
    This fun group provides light-hearted anecdotes to encourage families to find their own heroes within. "No matter where you are on your journey, take a deep breath and know that your inward hero is waiting to be discovered and you."

  • Group #14

    Medical Information Group