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Delivery Zone Map

Children's Home Healthcare has delivery personnel  that deliver in the Omaha metro area. Each day of the week, the delivery person delivers supplies in a different area of town depending on zip codes.  Locate your zip code on the map and then identify the day of the week the delivery person is in your neighborhood.  If you do not want the delivery to occur at your home, be sure to let your Patient Services representative know the location of where you will be accepting the delivery, such as your place of work. 

Monday's Delivery Area Includes:

  • LaVista, Nebraska
  • Papillion, Nebraska
  • Bellevue, Nebraska
  • Offutt Air Force Base, Bellevue, Nebraska

Tuesday's Delivery Area Includes:

  • Valley, Nebraska
  • Elkhorn, Nebraska
  • Blair, Nebraska
  • Fremont, Nebraska
  • Wahoo, Nebraska
  • Ashland, Nebraska
  • Louisville, Nebraska
  • Greenwood, Nebraska
  • Springfield, Nebraska

Wednesday's Delivery Area Includes:

  • Central Omaha, Nebraska

Thursday's Delivery Area Includes:

  • Bennington, Nebraska
  • Northern Omaha, Nebraska

Friday's Delivery Area Includes:

  • Central to Eastern (Downtown area) Omaha, Nebraska
  • Carter Lake, Iowa