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   Graduate Medical Education

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Through partnerships with affiliated academic institutions, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center seeks to be an outstanding provider of teaching in the pediatric setting. Our staff looks forward to passing on their knowledge of pediatric medicine, inter-professional practice, and family-centered care. We are happy to serve as your resource in pediatric medicine.


Clinical Rotations for Medical Students, Pharmacy Students, Physician Assistant Students, Residents and Fellows

This is your online portal to complete the required paperwork for participating in a clinical rotation at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. In order to complete a rotation, you must be affiliated with an approved institution.

At least ten days prior to the start of your upcoming rotation at Children’s, you will need to complete the following forms. The completed forms can be returned to the Children’s GME office via email to or via fax to 402-955-3780. If you have any questions regarding the forms, please contact Children’s GME office at (402)955-6061.

Annual Mandatory Review

Confidentiality Agreement (HIPPA)

Confidentiality and Login ID Use Agreement

Internet/Intranet Access

Parking Form

Corporate Compliance Plan Acknowledgement Form

Demographic Form

Patient Safety Orientation & Post-Test


Shadow Students

The shadow student program at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center provides current or prospective health-care students a chance to observe physicians in a workplace setting. View form.

If you have not heard back within 2 weeks, please resubmit the application to