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Matching Process

Nurse residents will be matched to an available position in a pediatric clinical area that is determined to be a good fit in terms of interests and talent. Each unit will determine how many positions will be available in the nurse residency program. At the end of phase I (rotational clinical experiences) of the residency, the nurse resident's unit preference and input provided by unit preceptors and educators will determine where the nurse will be matched. The nurse resident's preference is not guaranteed, but will be considered. Successful completion of phase I of the residency program guarantees employment in one of the residency nursing units.


4 Med/Surg

  • 24 bed unit caring for primarily infants and toddlers

5 Med/Surg

  • 24 bed unit caring for intermediate level and primarily cardiac patients

6 Med/Surg

  • 24 bed unit caring for primarily diabetics and hematology/oncology patients

Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

  • 40 bed unit caring for pretermn and sick newborns

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

  • 19 bed unit caring for intense, acutely ill patients of all ages

Emergency Department (ED)

  • 15 total beds for patients with emergent needs
    • Two trauma
    • Nine standard ER
    • Four fast track

Operating Room (OR) (Optional)

  • Seven operating rooms
  • Three procedure rooms

During the next phase, the nurse resident will experience a focused orientation to the designated clinical area and will continue with unit-based preceptors.

Support is a key element in strengthening self-assurance. Throughout the entire first year of practice, there will be periodic classroom sessions that will focus on issues pertinent to the development of pediatric knowledge, practice, skills and professional transition.