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Preparing for the First Clinic Visit

When your child comes for their initial assessment, you and your child should be prepared to stay 2-3 hours for the entire assessment. Your child will need to wear clothes appropriate for physical activity. Comfortable pants or shorts, t-shirts and good tennis shoes are recommended. If your child is an asthmatic, make sure that they bring their rescue inhaler. If your child is fasting, as required of most of our patients, we recommend packing a snack to be eaten after lab work is drawn.

If possible, lab tests will be performed as part of their clinical evaluation. This will require your child to sustain from eating or drinking 12 hours before the test. The labs can also be scheduled one or two days before the visit, if needed. The labs should be performed at Children's Hospital & Medical Center.

Clinic Location

Please see our map and location information page for the Children's Specialty Pediatric Center.