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The doctors and nurses that staff Children's Emergency Department receive extra training in pediatric emergencies that may require unique techniques or procedures, or use special equipment, and they must pass a test that certifies them as specialized in pediatric emergency medicine. Also, they have expertise in easing the pain and anxiety that come with children's emergencies.

Clinical Service Chief
William McDonnell M.D.

Thomas Deegan, M.D.
Patrick J. Doherty, M.D.
Scott James, M.D.
Duane Jensen, M.D.
Corey Joekel, M.D.
Linda Matson, M.D.
Arwa Nasir, M.D.
Jennifer L. Wang, D.O.

Clinical Staff
Sarah Cleaver, APRN-NP
Sara Greisen, PA-C
William Hazel, PA-C
Amanda Smith, APRN-NP
Linda Wardell, APRN-NP

Director Emergency Services, Trauma & Transport
DJ Scrivner, BSN, RN, MA, NEA-BC