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Patient Satisfaction 

Pt%20Sat%20Dec%202014.jpgHealthstream Research contacts patients and their families who have received care within our organization. 

They ask a variety of questions about the experiences they had, from communication to education to safety information.

This information shows the results of the main question we ask, which is "How likely are you to recommend Children's to your friends and family?" 

More than 80% of families surveyed gave us the best possible score on this question, saying that they are very likely to recommend Children's.   

 These responses put us in the top 10%  of children's hospitals that use Healthstream for patient satisfaction information.



Central Line Associated

Blood Stream Infections



This measure tracks progress at eliminating  healthcare associated blood stream infections for patients with central venous lines.

Central lines are used for patients who need long   term intravenous medications, fluids and nutrition, or to obtain blood samples. They prevent the patient from having to undergo repeated needlesticks.  Unfortunately,central lines also run the  risk of  carrying germs into the bloodstream.

We have joined with other children's hospitals around the country in an effort  to prevent central line infections.




 Hand Hygiene

Hand%20Hygiene%20Dec%202014.jpgSimply put, hand hygiene saves lives.

Although our patients don't always realize the value of clean hands, we do.

As our staff care for their patients, unknown observers are watching to see if they take the time to wash or   use hand sanitizer before and after the  care of each patient.





Emergency Department Length of Stay



When your child needs emergency care, we know how important it is to have him or her cared for quickly.Length of stay measures the time of a patient's arrival to the time of dismissal. Our emergency department consistently does better than our counterparts at other children's hospitals (Children's Hospital Association) at quickly caring for our patients.



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