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Rainbow House

The Carolyn Scott Rainbow House, located at 7815 Harney Street, provides accommodations for families and patients undergoing acute, long-term treatment at Children's Hospital & Medical Center.

Facilities for families at the Rainbow House include: shared kitchen, dining and laundry facilities, family room, living room, library/quiet room and bedrooms which are maintained by the guests. Accommodations also include playrooms and outdoor play areas.

The Rainbow House is within walking distance of Children's . Limited transportation to the hospital is available. Reservations are strongly encouraged. While there is not a set fee for staying at the Rainbow House, our guests frequently make donations which are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Families must live 60 miles or more away from Omaha to be eligible to stay in the Rainbow House. There is a limit of one room per patient family.

For more information or to reserve a room please call 402.955.7815 or 1-800-642-8822, ext. 7815 or e-mail us.

All families of Children's are welcome to join the guests at the Rainbow House for dinner, snacks or just to relax. Please come over to see the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House and enjoy a little relaxation.



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