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Site Map

       Children's Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska
            Find A Doctor
                 Find a Doctor Online Chat Advisor
            Patients & Visitors
                 Visiting Hours
                 Information for Families
                      While You Are Here
                      Safety & Security
                      Resources For Your Family
                      Speak Up
                           Educate Yourself
                           Surgical Safety
                           Going Home
                           Questions & Concerns
                      Patient Rights & Responsibilities
                      Financial Counseling
                      Going Home
                      Condition Help
                 Patient Health Information (Medical Records)
                 My Account
                      Financial Assistance
                      Billing Policies
                           Payment Options
                           Uninsured/Self Pay
                           Insurance Policies
                           Self Pay
                           Billing Term Glossary
                           General Questions
                           Guide to Appealing
                                Guide to Appeal - Step1
                                Guide to Appeal - Step2
                                Guide to Appeal - Step3
                                Guide to Appeal - Step4
                                Guide to Appeal - Step5
                 Calendar of Events
                 Gift Shop
                 Patient Greeting Cards
                 Important Departments
                 Virtual Visits
                      360' Virtual Tours
                      Emergency Department Virtual Visit
                           Waiting Area
                           Triage Room
                           Exam Room
                           Critical Care/Trauma Room
                           Keeping the Patient Busy
                           The Workstation
                           The Helicopter Pad
                      Outpatient Surgery (C.A.R.E.S.) Virtual Visit
                           Registration Information
                           An Assessment of Your Child
                           Preoperative Play Time
                           Child Life Specialists
                           Program Offerings
                           You and Your Child
                           After Surgery
                      Radiology Virtual Visit
                           Kyle's Visit to Radiology
                           The Special Drink
                           A CT Scan
                           Into the Scanner
                           Radiologist Report
                      Rainbow House
            About Children's
                 Maps & Directions
                      Outreach Clinics
                      Specialty Pediatric Center Floors
                           1st Floor
                           2nd Floor
                           4th Floor
                           5th Floor
                      Hospital Floors
                           1st Floor
                           2nd Floor
                           3rd Floor
                           4th Floor - Med/Surg
                           5th Floor - Med/Surg
                           6th Floor - Med/Surg
                           Lower Level 1
                           Lower Level 3 - LL3
                      Omaha Map
                 News Room
                      Community Health Needs Assessment
                      Children's Facts
                      Connected with Children's
                      2014 News Releases
                      2013 News Releases
                      2012 News Releases
                      Our New Brand
                           Press Release
                           A Look Back
                           Questions & Answers
                      2D, QR and tag Codes
                      Donate Gift Cards
                      Donate Toys
                      Special Guests & Visitors
                      Frequent Questions
                      Wish List of Items Needed
                 Our Stories
                      Victoria Franklin
                      Danell Bonam
                      Adam Folsom
                      Karly Kavanaugh
                      Kim Patterson
                      Corey Hulett
                      Connor and Caden Ballard
                      Ian Johnson
                      Samantha Binning
                      Landon Walsh
                      Caleb Parker
                      Attalah Tomlinson
                      Ashley Munson
                      Melissa Spangler
                 Our Videos
                 Preventing Childhood Obesity
                      Children's-VNA Cooking Matters
                 Preventing Childhood Obesity Community Scholarships
                 Events Calendar
                 Specialty Pediatric Center
                      Sculpture - Imagine
                 Our History
                 Quality and Safety Measures
                      Accreditation and Surveys
                      Awards and Recognition
                      U.S. News & World Report Rankings
                 Omaha Community
                 Logowear Store
                      Family Advisory Council Nominations Needed
                 Joint Notice of Privacy Practices
                 Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program
                      The ACHD Program
                      Schedule an Appointment
                      Meet Our Team
                 Access Center
                 Acute Pain Management Service
                      Who Do We Cover
                      Methods of Pain Management
                      Interdisciplinary Pain Committee
                 Advocacy Team Clinic
                 Asthma and Allergy Clinic
                      Our Services
                      Our Team
                      Your Child's Appointment
                 Autism Diagnostic Clinic
                      What You Need to Know
                      Parent Advocate
                 Audiology Department
                      Types of Hearing Loss
                           Acquired Hearing Loss
                           Congential Hearing Loss
                      Hearing Diagnosis and Treatment
                           Behavorial Hearing Tests
                           Middle Ear Tests
                           Inner Ear Tests
                      Signs of Hearing Loss
                      Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting
                 Behavioral Health
                      Your First Visit
                      Services Provided
                      Our Staff
                           Sean Akers, Psy.D.
                           Kara Antoniak APRN PMHNP-BC
                           Loren Conaway, Ph.D.
                           Coleen Cusick-Brown, LCSW, LIMHP
                           Karen Dittmer-McMahon, Ph.D.
                           Ashley Harlow, Ph.D., NCSP
                           Kristina Hoffman-Rieken, R.D., L.M.N.T.
                           Chrissy Hough, LCSW, LIMHP
                           Kimberly K. Levering, Ph.D.
                           Reo W. Newring, Ph.D.
                           Rene Pretorius-Parks, LMHP, LMFT
                           Jessica Pedeville, Psy.D.
                           Sarita (Sarah) L. Ruma, MS, CPC, LIMHP
                           Katie Sewell, Psy.D.
                           Lora Sladovnik, LIMHP
                           Mike Vance, Ph.D.
                      Contact Us
                 CDC (Children's Developmental Clinic)
                      Screening Clinic
                      Developmental Clinic
                      Contact Us
                 Child Life Services
                      School Re-entry Program
                      Surgical Preparation Programs
                      Coping with Healthcare Experiences
                           Helping Children Cope
                           Helping Siblings Cope
                           Medical Play
                      Special Programs
                           Donations-Wish List
                           Healing Environment
                           Kids Keep Up In Education
                           Special Guests and Visitors
                 Craniofacial Clinic
                      Craniofacial Disorders
                           Apert Syndrome
                           Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate
                           Craniofacial Microsomia
                           Craniofacial Tumors and Trauma
                           Crouzon Syndrome
                           Pfeiffer Syndrome
                           Pierre Robin Sequence
                           Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome
                           Syndromic Craniosynostosis
                           Treacher Collins Syndrome
                      Techniques & Surgical Procedures
                      Our Staff
                 Critical Care Transport Team
                      Arrange a Transport
                 Developmental Behavioral Pediatric Clinic
                 Diabetes Clinic
                      Are You Ready for Pump Therapy?
                      Frequently Asked Questions
                      Pre-Pump Checklist
                      Quick Help
                 Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic (ENT)
                 Eating Disorders
                      Programs and Services
                           Outpatient Program
                           Partial Hospitalization
                           The Eating Disorders Program
                           Treatment Goals
                      How to Help a Friend
                           Ten Steps to Positive Body Image
                           What Should I Say
                      Media Kit
                           Eating Disorders Program Fact Sheet
                           Eating Disorders: What you can do to help prevent them
                           Holidays and Eating Stressors
                      Winning the Battle Against Eating Disorders
                 Emergency Department
                      Urgent Care
                      Our Services
                      Urgent Care vs. Emergency Department Visit
                      View Our ED Team
                      View Our Urgent Care Team
                 Endocrine Clinic
                 Fetal Care Center
                      What to Expect
                      Prenatal Fetal Consultation
                      Prenatal Fetal Diagnostics
                      Treatment Options
                 Guest Relations
                 Hand In Hand/Palliative Care
                      What is Pediatric Palliative Care?
                           Benefits to the Family
                      What We Do
                      The Decision-making Process
                           Background for Decision Making
                           Different Ways to Frame Decisions
                           National Resources
                      Meet the Team
                      Additional Resources
                           Chronic Needs Support
                           Home Health Care
                           Grief Support
                           Articles and Newsletters
                                Decision Making
                                Discussing Illness and Death with Children
                                For Children
                                Death Explained in Children’s Language
                                For Parents
                                For Grandparents
                                For Patients
                                For Siblings Family and Friends
                 Heart Center
                      Evaluating the Heart - Non-invasive Studies
                           Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG)
                           Echocardiogram (Echo)
                                Fetal Echocardiography
                                Transesophageal echocardiography
                           Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
                           Holter Monitor
                           Event Recorder
                           Stress or Exercise Testing
                      Evaluating & Treating the Heart - Invasive Procedures
                           Cardiac Catheterization
                                Electrophysiology Studies (EP)
                           Catheter-related Intervention
                      Cardiac Surgery
                           Closed & Open Heart Surgery
                           Planning for Surgery
                                What to Expect
                      Heart Failure and Transplant Program
                           Transplant Journey
                           Heart Failure
                           Heart Professionals
                      Fetal Heart Clinic
                      The Heart Team at Children's
                           Ian Johnson
                           Erykah Moore
                      About Us / Outreach Clinics
                      Forms / Educational brochures
                      For Professionals
                           Make the First Appointment
                           CCHD Screening Program
                           Schedule a Hospital to Hospital Transfer
                           Schedule a Subspecialty Appointment or Diagnostic Test
                           Schedule Surgery or Obtain a Second Opinion
                           Contact a Staff Member
                           Career and Fellowship Opportunities
                      Camp Brave Heart
                 Helmet Clinic
                      Who is a candidate?
                      Treatment schedule
                 Hematology and Oncology Program
                      Our Team
                      Infusion Center
                      Contact Us
                 Home Health Services
                      About Children's Home Healthcare
                           Children's Home Healthcare's Mission
                           Map To Children's Home Healthcare's Office
                           Other Sites of Interest
                      Why Choose Us
                      Customer Service
                           Notify Us of a Change In Status
                      Ordering Supplies
                           Delivery Zone Map
                           Frequently Asked Questions for Patient Services
                           Notify Us of a Change In Status
                      Home Care For Your Child
                           Home Healthcare Parent Handbook
                           Home Care Services
                           Resource Guides
                 Hospitalist Service
                 Infectious Disease Clinic
                 Lactation Consultation
                 Medical Surgical Floors
                 Metabolic Bone and Osteogenesis Imperfecta Clinic
                      What Is Osteogenesis Imperfecta?
                           Other Bone Disorders We Treat
                           Measuring Bone Density: The Children’s Difference
                           Advanced Treatment
                      Meet Our Team
                 Metabolic Management Clinic
                      Bone Metabolic Clinic
                           What are Bone Metabolic Diseases?
                           Our Staff
                      Inherited Metabolic Disease Clinic
                           What are Inherited Metabolic Diseases?
                           Our Staff
                 Milk Depot
                 Nephrology Clinic
                 Neurodiagnostic Services
                 Neurology Clinic
                 NICU Follow-Up Clinic
                 Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
                      Intensive Care for Newborns
                      NICU Programs and Services
                           Lactation Consultation
                           Breastfeeding Benefits
                           Rehab Services
                           Respiratory Therapy
                      Philosophy of Care
                      What to Expect
                           Who needs to go to the NICU?
                           What kinds of accommodations are available in the NICU?
                           When can I visit my baby in the NICU?
                           What kind of care will my baby receive in the NICU?
                           What kind of tests will my baby have?
                           Who will be taking care of my baby?
                           How do I communicate with doctors and nurses?
                           How can I bond with my baby?
                      Tips for Parents
                           How you can help your baby grow and develop.
                           Things to do with your baby when your baby is awake.
                           What your baby's signs and behaviors mean.
                           Questions to ask your doctor or nurse.
                           Suggestions for active parenting while in the NICU.
                           Supporting your baby when he needs a lot of medical attention.
                           How to deal with your feelings/mixed emotions.
                           Things to help make your NICU stay less stressful.
                      Going Home
                           Will my baby develop normally?
                           How do I know if my baby is sleeping the right amount of time?
                           How do I get my baby to eat?
                           How often should I feed my baby?
                           What if I want to continue pumping my breast milk when I get home?
                           What do I do when my baby cries?
                           When should I be concerned about my baby's crying?
                           How can I console my baby?
                           When should I bathe my baby?
                           How can I tell if my baby is sick?
                           Will my baby go home with medications?
                           When should I get my baby immunized?
                 Ophthalmology Clinic
                      Conditions We Treat
                      Vision Screening Recommendations
                      Making an Appointment
                      Preparing for Surgery
                      Optical Shop
                      Programs and Services
                           Vertical Expandable Prosthetic Titanium Rib Device
                      Our Staff
                           Bridget Burke, PA-C
                           Angela N. Hill, PA-C
                 Pediatric Gastroenterology Department
                      Liver Clinic
                      The Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Support Clinic (PENS)
                      Celiac Clinic
                      Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic
                           What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
                           What Causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease?
                           Signs and Symptoms
                           Caring for your Child
                           Educational Resources
                      Aspiration Management Clinic
                      Feeding and Growth Clinic
                      Food and Hypersensitivity Clinic
                      Motility Diagnostic Service
                 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
                 Pastoral & Spiritual Care
                 Plastic Surgery
                      Conditions Treated
                      Our Staff
                 Pulmonary Medicine Clinic
                      Aspiration Management Clinic
                           Allergy & Asthma Clinic
                                Facts About Allergies & Asthma
                                Diagnosis & Treatment
                                Our Staff
                           Contact Us
                      Cystic Fibrosis Center
                      Sleep Center
                           Signs of a Problem
                           Sleep Disorders Clinic
                           Behavioral Sleep Disorders Clinic
                           Non-Invasive Ventilatory/CPAP Clinic
                           Sleep Lab
                      Food Hypersensitivity Clinic
                           Our Staff
                      Outreach Clinics
                      Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics Laboratory
                      Conditions Treated
                           Chronic/persistent cough
                      Our Staff
                           Brett Kuhn Ph.D.
                 Radiology Department
                      Services Provided
                      The Children's Difference
                      Meet the Team
                      Hours and Locations
                      For Parents
                      For Professionals
                      Radiology Patient Teaching Sheets
                 Rehab Services (Speech, Occupational & Physical Therapies)
                      Feeding and Swallowing Clinic
                           Signs and Symptoms
                           Who Needs to See Us
                           Diagnostic Tests
                           What is Aspiration?
                      Occupational Therapy
                      Feeding and Swallowing
                      Physical Therapy
                      Speech Language Therapy
                      Normal Development
                      Your First Visit
                      Scheduling an Appointment
                      Financial Responsibility
                      Patient Testimonials
                      Clinical Education
                 Rheumatology Clinic
                      Conditions We Treat
                      Accessing Services
                      Meet Our Staff
                      Patient Education
                 Social Work, Nursing Case Management and Interpreting Services
                 Speech Therapy Clinic
                 Sports Medicine Clinic
                      The Game Plan
                           Musculoskeletal injuries
                           Sports-related infections
                      Fan Guide
                      Our Team
                      Concussion Legislation
                 Surgical Services
                      General & Thoracic Surgery
                      Chest Wall Deformities
                      Surgical Oncology
                      Minimally Invasive
                      What to Expect
                           Prior to Surgery
                           The Night Before Surgery
                           Preoperative Instructions
                           Day of Surgery
                           Staying Overnight
                           Going Home
                           Frequently Asked Anesthesia Questions
                           Contact Information
                      Our Surgeons
                 Urology Clinic
                      Conditions We Treat
                      Minimally Invasive/Robotic Procedures
                           HIDES (Hidden Incision Endoscopic Surgery)
                           SEAL (Subcutaneous Endoscopically-assisted Ligation of Inguinal Hernia)
                           What to Expect: Minimally Invasive Surgery
                      In-office Surgical Procedures
                      Our Team
                      Follow Dr. Villanueva’s Blog
                 Weight Management - HEROES Program
                      Children's Weight Management Clinic
                      Program Description
                           Referral Requirements
                           Duration of Program
                           Clinics/Parent Meeting
                           Fitness Assessment & Class
                           Nutrition Assessment & Class
                           Social Work and Behavior Modification Class
                           Support Services
                      Who is a Candidate?
                      Preparing for the First Clinic Visit
                           Pre-Clinic Evaluation Questionnaires
                      Class Schedule & Location
                           Class descriptions
                      Active Patients
                      Community Resources
                      Healthcare Providers
                           Program Description
                                Referral Requirements
                                     Physician Referral Form
                                Clinics/Parent Meeting
                                Fitness Assessment & Class
                                Nutrition Assessment & Class
                                Social Work and Behavior Modification Class
                                Support Services
                           Co-morbidities & Complications
                           Our Staff
                           Contact Us
            Health and Safety
                 Tour of Homes for Children’s
                 Car Seat Safety
                      Car Seat Inspection Stations
                 Injury Prevention Program
                      Playground Safety
                           Playground Safety Walk About
                      Safe Kids
                           Meeting Information
                      Recall News and Alerts
                      Contact Information
                 Parenting U
                      Parenting U Library
                           Allergic Diseases in Children - Russell Hopp, DO
                           Baby's First Years - Michelle Mogenson DO
                           Children and Bullying - Mike Vance, PhD
                           Dealing with ADHD - Kim Levering
                           Effective Time-Out Techniques - Ashley Harlow PhD NCSP
                           Everyday Discipline - Ashley Harlow, PhD
                           Everyday Discipline - William Warzak, PhD
                           Good Night Sleep Tight - Rosanne Bosch, MD
                           Healthy Nutrition for Toddlers - Laura Wilwerding MD
                           Healthy Start with Healthy Smiles
                           Mastering Potty Training - Katie Anglim, MD
                           Mastering Potty Training - Bernard Douglas, MD ('09a)
                           Mommy I Can’t Go - LeAnne Vitito, APRN
                           Obesity Prevention & Management - Cristina Fernandez, MD
                           Parenting U for Grandparents - Kent Kronberg, MD
                           Picky Eaters - Joe Straley, MD
                           Preparing for Your Newborn - John Andresen, MD
                           Preparing for Your Newborn - Rachel McCann, MD
                           Preparing for Your Newborn - Rachel McCann, MD
                           Preparing for Your Newborn - Clancy McNally, MD
                           Preparing for Your Newborn - Melissa St. Germain, MD
                           Preparing for Your Newborn - Betsy Stephenson, MD
                           Sibling Rivalry - Katie Anglim, MD
                           Speech Development & Delays - Sue Flynn, MA
                           Surviving the Trying Twos - Tony Yaghmour, MD
                           Things That Go Bump in the Night - Margaret Floress, PhD
                           Why My Teen Is So Tired - Amy Lacroix, MD
                           Your Teen and Body Art - Amy Lacroix, MD
                      Events Calendar
                 Just Kids Publication
                 Handling Bullying
            For Professionals
                      Grand Rounds
                           2014 Presentations
                           2013 Presentations
                           Presenter Resources
                      Pediatric Education Courses
                           Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course
                           Family & Friends CPR - Infant and Child
                           Pediatric Advanced Life Support Courses (PALS)
                      Upcoming Conferences
                           6th Annual Prematurity Summit
                           NE AAP Conference 2014
                      Health Professional Resources
                           One Voice
                           Positioning for Comfort
                           TOP 10 Reasons To Call My Child Life Specialist
                      Nursing Student
                 Inpatient Units
                 Medical Records
                      Dictation Instructions
                 Medical Staff Services
                 Pediatric Resource Directory
                 Physician Priority Line
                 Joint Residency Program
                      Pediatric Program Overview
                      Participating Institutions
                      What Sets Us Apart
                      Contact the Joint Residency Program
                 Child Life Student Opportunities
                      Child Life Career Seminar
                      Child Life Practicum
                      Child Life Internship
                 Nurse Residency Program
                      Eligibility Requirements
                      Units involved in the Nurse Residency Program
                      Matching to a home unit
                      Application Process
                      Interview Process
                      Deadlines & Important Dates
                 Homecare Nurse Academy
                      About Children's Home Healthcare
                      Application Process
                 Physician Connect
                 Pediatric Surgery Fellowship
                 Physician Recruitment
                      Pediatric Physician Opportunities
                 Physician Relations
            Children's Physicians Pediatric Practice
                 Children's Physicians - left navigation
                 Age-Appropriate Guidelines
                      Check-Up Series
                      Feeding Series
                      Parenting Tips Series
                      Patient Education
            Children's Foundation
                 Children's Miracle Network
            Children's Specialty Physicians
                 Who We Are - CSP
            Contact Us
            Website Privacy Notice
            Site Map
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