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The Eating Disorders Program

The Children's Hospital & Medical Center Eating Disorders Program is a specialty treatment program that focuses not only on rapid symptom control, but also places top priority on enhancing development to prevent young people from suffering the effects of eating disorders later in life. A malnourished body is unable to develop muscle mass or normal growth of brain cells. Reproductive organs cannot fully develop, bones cannot grow strong, and health can be limited. The program helps patients examine the issues underlying their symptoms and develop healthier lifestyles.

Highly trained professionals in this program use knowledge in a caring way to help youths achieve greater personal fulfillment and satisfaction.

Treatment is provided for young people with uncomplicated eating disorders as well as those with complex, hard-to-treat problems. Research and clinical experience have shown that abnormal eating behaviors often are associated with family, social and medical issues, as well as personality, mood, posttraumatic stress, or other anxiety disorders.


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