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On occasion, patients with serious rhythm disturbances will require cardiac catheterization that can deliver radio-frequency energy or cryo-ablation (cold energy). Abnormal electrical pathways can be modified, interrupted or eliminated with the radio frequency or cold energy techniques and possibly eliminate the need for further medications.

Special preparation required: Food and liquid intake may be curtailed prior to the procedure depending on age, size and condition.

Length of testing procedure: Between 4-12 hours depending on the level of complexity. These procedures may require an overnight stay.

Sedation/anesthesia required: Yes.

Post-procedure restrictions:
• Most people resume normal activity within 24-48 hours.
• Running, skating, jumping or vigorous sports are not recommended for at least one or two days after the catheterization.
• Swimming is not allowed for approximately one week or until the catheterization site is totally healed.
• Your child may return to school the day after catheterization, unless otherwise directed by the cardiologist.