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2D, QR and tag Codes

When you walk into a supermarket, every product has a barcode. When scanned, these barcodes pull up additional information about that product on a computer or register. 2D Codes evolved from these barcodes. 2D Codes are found on signs and products and in print publications. Once scanned into a mobile device, the code redirects the consumer to more information, whether a webpage, video or other interactive mobile experience.

There are two types of 2D Codes - QR Codes (shortened from Quick Response Codes) and Microsoft Tags.

QR Codes

black & white or one color

Multiple apps that may only work on certain types of codes
May have to download multiple apps to use
Can be confusing


Microsoft Tags

black & white or full color

one app to download from one location that works for all tags:

Children's Hospital & Medical Center uses Microsoft Tag codes in its publications and Foundation materials. To download the free Microsoft Tag app, visit http://gettag.mobi on your mobile device.

Here is an example of our Gifts of Gratitude Tag.

Gifts of Gratitude Recognition Program at Children's Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska



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