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Now an energetic 8-year-old, you would never know that Charley encountered a life threatening heart condition as an infant.  Fussy and restless, nothing would help soothe her.  An x-ray at the age of five months should’ve shown whether gas had built up in her stomach.  Instead, it indicated a serious issue with her heart.  Charley was sent to Children’s Hospital & Medical Center for more tests.  Pediatric cardiologist Dr. Carl Gumbiner diagnosed her with dilated cardiomyopathy.

Medication didn’t work.  Charley’s small heart had weakened and she needed a heart transplant.  Dr. Gumbiner worked to coordinate her care with a transplant center and within nine weeks of her diagnosis, Charley received a new heart. 

She returned to Children’s after surgery and continues to receive close monitoring and post-transplant care.  Her family is among those who are thrilled with the addition of heart transplantation at Children’s – appreciative and excited that “their” heart team is going to help other kids just like Charley.