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Condition Help

Here at Children's Hospital & Medical Center, we know that families play a key role in the healing process of their child. We believe parents know their child best. Parents should have a way to tell us when they feel something isn't right with their child. When families and the medical team work together, the child gets the best care possible - and that's our top priority.

Condition Help is a patient safety program where parents can call a special phone number to have their child seen by a different medical team if their child's health could be in danger and needs prompt action. When the call is answered, a nurse will ask the parent for his or her name, the child's name, room number and the reason for the call.

Condition Help is a powerful tool for parents and should not be used casually. It should be used only if the parent has concerns about a child's condition - after he or she has spoken to the nurse, the child's doctor or another member of the child's medical team. To reach Condition Help, parents should dial Ext. 2633.