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Transport worker with emergency vehicle “Interfacility transport performed by a pediatric critical care specialized transport team, compared with transport by a non-specialized team, was associated with improved survival rates and fewer unplanned events during transport, regardless of the severity of the illness. 

In addition, “children transported by nonspecialized teams had >2 times greater odds of death than did those transported by a specialized team, controlling for illness severity and other transport covariates.” Pediatrics 2009; 124: pg. 45.

We here at Children’s believe that transport by a specialized pediatric team is the best method for optimal outcomes for all pediatric and neonatal outcomes. Along with our specialized skill set, experience, and training, we come prepared with pediatric-specific equipment necessary to stabilize even the most critical patients. We’re just a phone call away.

How to Access the Critical Care Transport Team

PHYSICIANS’ PRIORITY LINE: Your 24-hour link to pediatric specialists, for physician-to-physician consults, referrals, admissions, and transport services.

855-850-KIDS (5437)

When calling for a patient transport, please provide:

  • Patient Weight
  • Referring facility/contact information
  • Patient location
  • Accepting facility/physician
  • Nature of illness/injury
  • Special Equipment Needs

Transferring Paperwork Checklist:

  • Face Sheet(s) (for neonates please send both mother & baby’s face sheets)
  • Transfer form
  • Copy of Chart including MAR, Laboratory Reports, and Progress Notes
  • X-rays (disc or electronic transmission) 
  • Patient Belongings
  • Parent/Family Contact Information

For Neonatal Transfers Please Include:

  • Labor & Delivery Summary
  • Maternal History
  • Maternal & Infant Laboratory

Children’s Hospital & Medical Center
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