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Developmental Clinic

The CDC includes the entire family and the primary care physician in a global approach to caring for children with medically complex conditions. Including the family in the plan of care helps them learn to adjust and respond to complex medical issues.

CDC is held every Wednesday morning in the Children’s Specialty Pediatric Center (SPC). The child sees the core providers, based on individual need. Children range in age from infants through late adolescence. Families come from throughout Nebraska as well as outlying states. The Carolyn Scott Rainbow House is available to provide lodging for out of town families.

While their conditions often cannot be cured, the continuum of care the clinic provides results in developmental progress for many of the children.

Many of our children with spina bifida are cognitively normal but confined to a wheelchair or have
very limited ambulation. To help one of these children from the time they start our clinic, grow up and
manage care for themselves and become reasonably independent, even go off to college, is truly rewarding.

CDC patients often have conditions which make them susceptible to illness more often than other kids, and when they do, they run the risk of rapid dehydration, seizures and serious system failures. When a  situation arises that is beyond the care their primary doctor can provide, day or night the parents know who to call. We’re here for them, 24/7.