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Donate Toys

Generous contributions of toys and gift cards to Children's Hospital & Medical Center help to make each child's hospital stay more comfortable, more interesting and more therapeutic.

Please review these guidelines and wish list of preferred items to determine the suitability of your donation.

Donating Toys and Gifts to Patients at Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Thank you for your interest in donating to Children's Hospital & Medical Center. For the well-being of our patients, we must follow strict safety and infection control policies. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated!

To better assist you with decisions regarding donations, we offer these guidelines:
  • All toys and gifts must be newly purchased in their original packaging. Please do not gift wrap toys.
  • We cannot accept:
    • Used toys or used stuffed animals, including stuffed animals that have not been played with but have been on display in a home
    • Stuffed animals or toys exposed to a smoking environment
    • Toys or games that depict violence
    • Donations of candy, gum or other food for our patients, families or staff
    • Latex balloons, due to potential allergic reactions
    • VHS tapes
  • Donations are accepted at the Children's Hospital & Medical Center front desk. Please review our donation business hours prior to your arrival. 

Donated items are utilized in playrooms, support groups, as in-room activities for patients and in conjunction with therapies.

Cash Donations

If you are interested in making a cash donation or organizing a fund raising event, contact the Children's Hospital & Medical Center Foundation.

If you have items to donate that do not meet our guidelines, please contact the United Way of the Midlands at (402) 444-6666 for help in finding a suitable charitable organization.