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Endocrine Clinic

The Children's Hospital & Medical Center Endocrine Clinic evaluates and monitors children from infancy through adolescence who have endocrine diseases associated with over-secretion or under-secretion of the major hormones. These endocrine diseases include hyper and hypo thyroidism or growth hormone deficiency, or defective responses in these organs and tissues that are sensitive to these hormones. We also perform stimulation testing to identify endocrine diseases.

Patients are seen by a team of pediatric endocrinologists and pediatric nurse practitioners. Once patients are seen, letters are sent to referring physicians that detail recommendations, a plan of care and educational opportunities. This helps to develop cooperative working arrangements with private physicians. 

Most children are seen on an outpatient basis and overnight accommodations are available at the Carolyn Scott Rainbow House located near Children's.

Medical Director
Christopher Maloney, M.D.

Clinical Staff:
Monina Cabrera, MD
Melinda Chen, MD
Salaheddin Elrokhsi, MD
Marisa Fisher, MD
Bracha Goldsweig, MD
Zoe González-García, MD
Earline Edwards, APRN-NP
Christina Fast, PA-C
Alice Jardee, APRN-NP
Caitlin Rosenbaum, APRN-NP
Dana Schave, APRN-NP
Peggy Struebing, PA-C