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Fetal Heart Clinic

The cardiac team at Children's understands the importance of accurate and early diagnosis of congenital heart disease – even before your baby's birth. Since the early 1980s, the Heart Center at Children's has been providing advanced cardiac imaging and consultative services to expectant parents and obstetrical teams throughout the region.

Scheduling a prenatal cardiac diagnosis for your child is most appropriate for the following reasons:
• A strong family history of congenital heart disease
• An abnormal fetal heart rhythm
• A mother with diabetes or other health condition that might impact the developing heart
• A baby with a chromosome abnormality like Down syndrome, or
• Even a heart that “just doesn't look right” on a general obstetrics ultrasound screen.

Your obstetrician can tell you whether any of these conditions are present for you and your baby.

Whatever your baby's needs, the Heart Center is ready and equipped with sophisticated imaging, compassionate consultative services, and an experienced team to diagnose and treat the most challenging congenital heart diseases.