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When you refer your patients to the Department of Radiology at Children's Hospital & Medical Center, you and your patient families can take comfort in our experience and strict attention to the well-being of children.

Our fellowship trained pediatric radiologists have over 65 years of combined experience reading pediatric studies. They are specifically-trained in disease processes that are only seen in children and nationally-recognized for their efforts to minimize radiation exposure while providing diagnostic results.

Recognitions & Press

Imaging Gently. The Children's Difference.
Our Radiology Department supports and adheres to the recommendations of the Image Gently Campaign, an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The campaign goal is to increase awareness of the opportunities to promote radiation protection in the imaging of children.

Here at Children's, we've been "imaging gently" since 2008, embracing guidelines from the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the motto of "As low as reasonably achievable" when it comes to the amount of radiation used in our studies.

National Advocacy.

Children's in Omaha has stepped forward as a national advocate for the use of sonography to diagnose pediatric appendicitis. It's another element of our continuing effort to minimize a child's exposure to radiation.

"Putting Patients First"
Children's in Omaha was one of just six medical centers nationwide to receive a 2010 Putting Patients First grant from The Association for Medical Imaging Management (AHRA) and Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.

The AHRA and Toshiba's Putting Patients First grant program awards and supports imaging programs focused on patient care and safety. Children's was applauded, in part, for the steps we've taken to alleviate some of the stress involved in MRI procedures:

Children's Hospital & Medical Center – Artwork Wraps for Pediatric MRI Machines

Further enhancing their welcoming atmosphere in the radiology clinic, Children's Hospital & Medical Center plans on extending its child-friendly decor onto their MRI machines. Children's Hospital & Medical Center has experienced success with their unique underwater-themed environment, which includes wall art, a fish tank and fish hanging from the ceiling. By implementing this decor onto the machines themselves, Children's aims to increase comfort for children and their families, which could help them decrease the need for sedation, acquire quicker exam results and improve diagnoses and treatment.
As a grant winner, Children's was featured in an AHRA publication highlighting our innovative programs and sharing best practices that could be adopted by other hospitals nationwide.

View a short video about the 2010 grant recipients (The Children's portion begins at 2:17).

Common Sense Solutions.
Children's Hospital & Medical Center was honored, in 2008, with the third annual Health Devices Achievement Award from the ECRI Institute, an independent non-profit organization which researches the best approaches to improving patient care.

Children's was recognized nationally for its innovation in developing an easy and logical approach to ensure the proper use of diagnostic and radiological imaging. 

Collaborating with physicians and the Children's information technology team, radiologists built a list of indications for each type of diagnostic imaging including x-ray, CT, ultrasound, MRI and nuclear medicine.
We asked ourselves, "What are the main reasons we would want to perform a CT of the head, or what do we hope to learn from performing a CT of the chest or abdomen?"

We did this for all types of imaging available at our hospital. The information was then integrated into Children's computerized physician order entry system in the form of a "drop down menu." The resulting product allows medical staff to be more efficient and accurate in their testing choice.

The ECRI Institute called Children's project a "superb example of how steadfast commitment to improving operational performance can lead to enhanced procedures and patient care." As the award winner, Children's was featured in the ECRI Institute's Health Devices journal.

Embracing Innovation
The Radiology Department at Children's received national press for embracing innovation as we work to provide premium care for our young MRI patients.

Coming soon!!!   Read an article from Philips FieldStrength Magazine about our conversion from the Intera 1.5T MRI system to the Achieva 1.5T A-Series – and the benefits.