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Frequently Asked Anesthesia Questions

Does my child have to have an IV?
Most often, yes. It is usually placed after your child is asleep. It may be necessary to start the IV prior to going to sleep for your child's safety. Your anesthesiologist will discuss this with you before surgery.

Will my child suffer from pain or nausea afterwards?
Pain and nausea may occur to varying degrees after many types of surgery. Medications can be given while the child is asleep or in recovery to minimize these symptoms.

Can I be present while my child goes to sleep?
This is not possible due to a variety of reasons related to hospital policy, safety concerns and logistical considerations.

Will someone be present to monitor my child continuously?
Absolutely!  At least one member of our anesthesia care team is always present at the head of the table throughout the surgery. A minimum of one-to-one nursing care is provided in the Recovery Room.

How long will it be until the effects of the anesthesia wear off?
The effects of the anesthetic agents may last up to 24 hours. Use of narcotic pain medicines may cause sleepiness during the surgical recovery.