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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you offer the Transition to Pediatrics Program: Adult to Pediatric Nursing?


All nurses with a BSN and at least one year of non-pediatric experience will be automatically enrolled in the next available Transition Program after their date of hire. The program is offered four times per year in February, May, August, and November.


How long is the Transition to Pediatrics Program: Adult to Pediatric Nursing?


The Transition to Pediatrics Program at Children’s lasts for 12 months.


How do I apply?


Nurses may apply for open staff nurse positions in Careers


What are the criteria to participate in the Transition to Pediatrics Program?


All experienced nurse applicants will be required to have a BSN and at least one year of non-pediatric experience to be eligible to participate in the program. All nurses must be licensed in Nebraska or a compact state.


Will I receive my normal pay during the course work?


Yes, you will receive pay and benefits during the program.


Why are you hiring only BSN-prepared nurses?


The Magnet Commission and the Institute of Medicine/Future of Nursing has recommended target goals for increasing the percentage of BSN prepared nurses at the bedside. One of the ways that Children’s can move toward meeting those goals is to begin hiring all new graduates with a minimum of a BSN. Another strategy is to support existing staff to earn their BSN or MSN through the Tuition Reimbursement program benefit offered at Children’s. BSN preparation is becoming the community standard for entry into acute care hospital nursing practice.


If hired into the Transition to Pediatrics Program, what shifts and/or hours will I work?


During the four weeks of the Transition Program you will work with designated preceptors on your assigned unit and will need to be available to work either days or nights and weekends. The total hours worked each week will be 36-40 hours per week, however, you will not work more than 40 hours in a week and not more than 12 hours in one day. We prefer that part time nurses make arrangements to work full time during the four weeks of Transition Program courses.


In a given week you will have a mix of two clinical days with a preceptor and two scheduled days of class time for the first month. There are regularly scheduled education/cohort sessions that all nurses in the Transition to Pediatrics Program are expected to attend during their first year of employment.


What if I can’t work the schedule of my assigned preceptor?


The nurse in the Transition Program will have the best possible experience in working with an assigned preceptor. Research has shown that multiple preceptor assignments have a negative impact on learner success in orientation. Both the preceptor and orientee will be encouraged to work similar schedules.


Can I work a second job during the Transition to Pediatrics Program?


A second job is not recommended because the program requires flexibility in scheduling and always requires a fresh mind to process and retain new information.


Can I take personal leave while in the Transition to Pediatrics Program?


You may not take personal leave during the first four weeks of the transition courses.


Do you offer shift and weekend differentials?


Yes. Shift differentials are offered for evening, night, and weekend shifts.