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History of the GAPPRI

The Pediatric Research Institute brings a new level of treatment to the children we serve and contributes to advances in the broader field of children’s health. This, I believe, is a key to continuing our progression from a regional medical center to one that has a national presence.” – Gary Perkins, former president and CEO, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Launched in 2015, the Gary A. Perkins Pediatric Research Institute (GAPPRI) of Children’s Hospital & Medical Center is committed to pushing the bounds of pediatric medicine to ultimately develop new innovations, treatments and cures – advances that can only come through clinical and basic science research focused on children. 

Our concentration and our passion centers on four areas of medicine: cancer, heart, infectious diseases and rare diseases. Each area was chosen based on our past productivity, the potential for future success and the availability of resources.

Since working in isolation doesn’t work, we embrace collaboration as the key to advancing the work of the PRI and the field of pediatric medicine. 

PRI Partners:

• Children’s Hospital & Medical Center • University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) • Buffett Cancer Center • CityMatch / UNMC College of Public Health • College of Pharmacy • Nebraska Biobank • Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) • Pediatric Research Office • UNMC Cardiac Labs • UNMC Infectious Disease Labs • UNMC Labs & Informatics

All of these relationships – and the very existence of the GAPPRI – allow us to pursue funding we couldn’t have pursued before, recruit a broader range of physician-scientists and secure our status as one of the top children’s hospitals in the nation. Most importantly, they allow us to more effectively:

• Promote the health and well-being of children
• Discover new diseases
• Contribute new knowledge about the mechanisms of disease
• Translate research into new tests and novel treatments
• Explore innovative approaches to disease prevention
• Use resources wisely through responsible stewardship
• Serve the people of Nebraska and beyond

The ultimate goal of the PRI is to have every child benefit from a personalized approach to medicine that results in a healthy outcome – and to have Nebraska become the healthiest place in the country to be a child.

GAPPRI Physician Engagement Team

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