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Through partnerships with affiliated academic institutions, Children’s Hospital & Medical Center seeks to be an outstanding provider of teaching in the pediatric setting. Our staff looks forward to passing on their knowledge of pediatric medicine, inter-professional practice, and family-centered care. We are happy to serve as your resource in pediatric medicine.


Resident/Fellow Forms

***Please review, sign, and send back electronically to

Annual Mandatory Review
Confidentiality & Login ID Use Agreement
Corporate Compliance Plan Acknowledgement Form
Demographic Form
Patient Safety Orientation & Post Test
Restraint Overview & Post Test
Children’s Parking Information
Parking Form

Resident Informational Documents

Resident Education in Radiology
Surgical Observation Order Sets
Lab Test Location
2017 Restraint Policy
Sharp Safety Information
Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
Dietitian Education for Residents

Medical/ Physician Assistant/ Pharmacy/ Rehab Student Forms

***Please review, sign, and send back electronically to

Annual Mandatory Review
Confidentiality Agreement
Corporate Compliance Plan Acknowledgement Form
Parking Registration Form
Student Parking Information

Shadow Learner Forms

Thank you for your interest in a job shadowing experience at Children’s Hospital and Medical Center.   These experiences are intended for individual participants currently attending college.   If you are a high school student (age 16 or older) requesting a job shadow experience, you are encouraged to enroll in the “Day in the Life,” Program.  This is an experience designed for high school students interested in careers in the medical profession.  More information and registration may be found at this link     

Please note *** Shadow requests are not guaranteed to be fulfilled as it is up to the Children’s employee to accept a shadow student.  To begin your application process please review, sign, and send back forms electronically to, along with immunization records and annual Tuberculosis skin test documentation.   

In order to be considered for a shadow experience within Children’s Hospital and Medical center applicants must provide a full immunization record to include annual vaccination for current flu season and an annual negative indication for Tuberculosis.  

All immunization records must include the follow:
a.            MMR – two valid vaccination dates OR a positive titer;
b.            Varicella – two valid vaccination dates OR a positive titer;
c.            Hepatitis B – three valid vaccination dates AND positive titer;
d.            TDAP – documentation within the past 10 years;
e.            Influenza – documentation of annual vaccine for current flu season;
f.            Tuberculosis – Negative annual indication.  If positive TB or BCG, questionnaire to be completed before starting and may require a lab draw at Student’s expense; and
g.            Respiratory Mask Fit (N95), if necessary by educational requirements.

Shadow Learner Application   

Please note** A parent signature is required for all students under 19 years of age before Shadow experience can be scheduled** 

Once a shadow date has been assigned, the following forms need to be returned electronically
•          Shadow Learner Handbook
•          Shadow Learner Confidentiality Agreement
•          Shadow Learner Wellness Attestation Form (To be completed on the day of the shadow experience)