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Going Home

If you are like most parents with a baby in the NICU, you may find yourself experiencing mixed emotions about your baby's homecoming. These feelings are normal and are experienced by many parents. To make the homecoming easier for everyone, it is important to start planning early. This planning is a team effort, which includes you and the NICU staff. We want to clear up any doubts or concerns about your baby's care before discharge. And we want you to be ready to enjoy caring for your baby.

The following are basic guidelines for discharge of your baby. Before discharge your baby will:

  • Show a steady weight gain by taking the right amount of breastfeeding or formula.
  • Be able to maintain her body temperature in an open crib at room temperature with clothing and a blanket.
  • Have the routine newborn tests completed.
  • Be free of any apnea/bradycardia episodes or have self-resolved episodes which are not life-threatening and with which the caregiver is comfortable. 
  • Be able to be cared for by parents and other caregivers.

Additional questions that you may be wondering as your baby's stay comes to a close: