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• Strawberry-colored lesions that vary in size and number
• Not true birthmarks as most appear in infancy and then begin to grow

During the first six months of life, 5-to-10 percent of hemangiomas ulcerate during their rapid growth phase, are painful, may bleed and are at risk for bacterial infection.

Hemangioma Treatments

• Includes daily wound care, topical antibiotics and local or systemic steroids while monitoring its growth over a period of weeks, months or years
• The majority of these skin lesions will gradually disappear by the time your child reaches seven years of age.

Laser treatment may be considered in cases in which the hemangioma ulcerates, does not appear to be regressing or if the lesion progresses toward disfigurement.
• Can expedite healing and reduce pain within few days, often after a single laser treatment
• Lesions generally heal in one to five weeks after treatment

If hemangiomas are in problematic areas (around the eyes) or in a cosmetically sensitive area, your surgeon may recommend surgical excision to address the issue.