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Will the HEROES Clinic visits and any diagnostic tests be covered by my insurance? While we cannot tell you exactly what the program will cost for each individual and his/her insurance plan, we can tell you that, as our services are comprised of medical management, they are covered by most insurance plans. Clinic visits, labs and diagnostic testing are billed to insurance. Your family’s individual cost will depend on your co-pays, deductibles, and authorizations.

What labs do you require for the initial appointment?

• Hgb A1c (Monitoring for Pre-Diabetes)
• TSH (Monitoring the Thyroid)
• Chem 14/CMP (Monitoring the Liver)
• Fasting Lipid panel (Monitoring the Cholesterol and Triglycerides)

How often will my child visit the HEROES clinic? Follow-up visits typically last less than 90 minutes. Frequency of visits will vary. Typically our patients are seen most often in the beginning and then visits are spread out over a longer time period as your family adapts to healthy lifestyle changes and needs less support from our staff.

How long will my child need to be involved with the HEROES clinic? The length of time that families are involved in HEROES varies. Families who work consistently on their health goals may find that in six months they are ready to continue work on health habits without HEROES support. Other families prefer to remain engaged longer. It is important to remember that lasting change happens in small increments, and can take time. Ultimately, the length of time your child remains with HEROES will be a decision between you and your HEROES medical team.

I’m concerned about my child’s self-esteem. How do I discuss the need to visit a weight management clinic? While we are technically a weight management clinic, when we work with your family, we emphasize health and healthy habits over a number on the scale.  It is appropriate and important to teach all children that weight can be a clue about our health. Help your child to think about unhealthy weight as a sign that habits might need to be adjusted, and to reject all the media messages tying weight to beauty or self-worth. Our HEROES team is comfortable discussing health and lifestyle with you and your child in a helpful and non-judgmental way, and will help your child remember his/her strengths. Our goal is to create an environment of collaboration and support between our team and our families. We’re here to help!