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Preparing for Your Visit

• Keep in mind… Initial visits take approximately 3 hours. Make sure to plan accordingly!
• Have your child wear comfortable shoes – he/she will need to complete a walking test while in clinic.
• Most of our patients need to complete fasting lab tests that require you to arrive 20-30 minutes early for your appointment. Bring a snack for your child to eat after labs are drawn.
• Make sure to bring the completed medical history and consent packet with you to your child’s first visit.

pdf icon Click here to download a medical history & consent packet
(Version en español)
This packet will be mailed to your home upon scheduling your initial visit.

Your child must meet our criteria and be referred to the HEROES program by his or her doctor. In order for your child to be referred by his/her doctor, he/she must have a body mass index that is greater than 85% of the children his/her age of the same height and gender.

If you’d like for your child to be referred to our clinic, instruct your primary care provider to visit the contact section of this website, or to call us at 402-955-4080 for more information.

Completion of Paperwork PRIOR to your visit Once your initial appointment has been scheduled, our staff will send you a packet in the mail to fill out about your child’s medical history. You must bring the completed packet with you to your child’s first clinic visit. 

Fasting Lab Tests Prior to your visit, your child will need to have blood drawn. Our labs require that your child refrain from eating or drinking anything except water for at least 8 hours prior to his/her blood draw. Please let us know if your child has completed labs in the past 6 months. You will receive instructions for obtaining labs when you schedule your appointment.
Team Evaluation and Recommendations Our visits are longer in duration because you will have an opportunity to meet individually with each of our team members to evaluate and plan for your family’s activity, diet, emotional health, medical needs and any barriers to your success.
Opportunity to Enroll in our Fitness and Education Program The HEROES Fitness and Education Program is available exclusively to our patients and families.

FOLLOW-UP VISITS WILL INCLUDE (< 1.5 hours / freq. of visits will vary):
• Evaluation of goals
• Ongoing monitoring of weight-related illness
• Further goals and recommendations
• Recommendation for PATHWAY to follow