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Holter Monitor

A portable, lightweight device that records each and every heartbeat within a 24-hour time period. The unit is about the size of a smartphone and typically hooks onto a belt or belt loop. Recording leads are attached to stickers placed on the patient’s arms, legs and chest.
Special preparation required: None

Length of testing procedure: 24 hours (at home). Patients are encouraged to perform routine activities, except for bathing and swimming. After 24 hours of recording, the device is returned to the hospital for analysis.

Uses - Holter monitors can be used to:
• Analyze heart rate and rhythm
• Evaluate symptomatic complaints, including palpitations, dizziness, and fainting
• Assess the heart’s electrical activity and conduction
• Monitor the effectiveness of drug therapies
• Evaluating patients who’ve had heart surgery

Post-testing restrictions: Your child should be able to resume all normal activities immediately, unless your child's physician instructs otherwise.