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How do I communicate with doctors and nurses?

Your doctors will make rounds daily. A neonatal nurse practitioner is also involved in the care of your baby. Your doctor or neonatal nurse practitioner will check your baby's progress and makes changes in his or her care according to your baby's needs. Your doctor will attempt to call you every day about your baby's progress, any changes in your baby's condition and plan and then answer any questions you may have. If your doctor has not reached you daily, please let your nurse know so she can help you understand your baby's plan of care.

NICU Interdisciplinary Rounds
As a parent, we encourage you to participate in interdisciplinary rounds. It is a great time for parents to ask questions, clarify concerns and to offer suggestions to the patient care team. The purpose of interdisciplinary rounds is to provide a focused time to assess the physical, psychological and emotional needs of each patient. It is also to ensure that the appropriate level of care and services are being provided to each patient. Team members view each infant as unique with their own individual needs and support patient-centered and family goals.

The goals of interdisciplinary rounds are to provide early identification of patient needs, identify appropriate patient or family goals, increase patient satisfaction, improve patient outcomes, increase patient safety and last but certainly not least, to improve communication and collaboration between all team members. Your physician will continue to provide daily updates either in person or by phone, so this will not take the place of those updates.

  • Who will attend these rounds?
    The bedside nurse is the facilitator of rounds. Other members present include the neonatal nurse practitioner, the unit clinical nurse coordinator and the respiratory care therapist. Additional members may also take part in interdisciplinary rounds. The individuals include the clinical nurse specialist or clinical educator, case manager, social worker, developmental specialist, lactation consultant, occupational therapist, physical therapist, pharmacist, chaplain and nutritionist.
  • Where do these rounds take place?
    These rounds will take place at your baby's bedside either inside the room or just outside the room. Confidentiality is extremely important in this process and your nursing team will do everything they can to maintain this standard.