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Inner Ear Tests

Otoacoustic Emission Testing
This test provides additional information about the functioning of the cochlea or inner ear by  measuring the response of the sensory cells of the inner ear.

Auditory Brainstem Response
For children who are difficult to test or are too young to be tested behaviorally, this special test averages the brain wave responses to sound. This is done while the child is sleeping and may require sedation. Your physician will help to determine if this testing is necessary.

Central Auditory Processing Testing
The central auditory testing is often used for school-aged children who have difficulty learning and listening. An auditory processing disorder is the inability or impaired ability to understand information by hearing even though the child may have normal intelligence and normal hearing sensitivity. The central auditory processing test evaluates auditory perceptual skills that relate to communication and academic performance. This specialized testing is performed at The University of South Dakota. Some of the screening tests can be done at Children’s Hospital to determine if a referral is needed.