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Children's Hospital & Medical Center offers an extensive online health library. This content contains detailed information, health tips, interactive quizes, multimedia and much more.

Chat Rooms and Message Boards

Chat rooms and message boards are wonderful tools to get connected to other folks who live with diabetes each and every day. It doesn't matter where you live, if you have a connection to the internet, you can go to any of the following internet sites and be in touch immediately with others who have diabetes. Pretty neat, huh? Be sure your parents know you want to visit these sites so they can check them out, too!

  1. Children With Diabetes (CWD)
    At this web site, you can click on Chat Rooms to see the topics for upcoming chats and login to participate in a chat.
    The CWD web site has separate sections for teens, kids and parents. The teen group, called International Diabetes Youth Ambassadors (IDYA), conducts a monthly chat for teens. Under the kids section, you can make your own home page and look at the home pages of kids who have diabetes from all over the world! The CWD web site has a teen leader and adult moderators who sometimes participate in the chat rooms to monitor the discussions.
  2. For Your Diabetes Life!

    This is a website that offers message boards in the "community" section. There are separate boards for Type 1, Type 2, ladies, men, parent to parent and one called the "family room."