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We take play seriously. Very seriously.

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Sports Physical Therapy Clinic, we believe that careful, comprehensive analysis is a key to maximum effectiveness. 

Our analytic process involves a detailed examination and assessment of physical characteristics that contribute to sport performance. These physical characteristics (things like strength, rate of force development, velocity and alignment) are analyzed to: 
• Improve return-to-sport timeline and process. We don't guess when an athlete can return following an injury. Our analysis equipment allows us to test physical characteristics to give a rationale for a given time of return. 
• Provide a baseline status 
• Contribute to research initiatives 

Children's Sports Physical Therapy Clinic partners with local, regional and national institutions to contribute to our profession's research efforts. This is done in an effort to give back to our profession while improving outcomes for our patients.

In partnership with the Sports Medicine Clinic at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.