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Meet the Team

Experienced. Caring.

The radiology team at Children's Hospital & Medical Center performs and interprets 60,000 imaging tests each year, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques specially designed or modified for children.

Our staff physicians, radiologists, are fellowship trained pediatric radiologists. They only read pediatric images and are specifically trained in disease processes that are only seen in children. Our radiologists have over 65 years of combined experience reading pediatric studies and have been recognized nationally for their efforts to minimize radiation exposure while providing diagnostic results.

Clinical Staff:
Sandra M. Allbery, M.D.
Angela J. Beavers, M.D.
Mary K. Drake, M.D.
Travis D. Kruse, M.D.
Terri Love, M.D.
Andria M. Powers, M.D.
Lisa Wheelock, M.D.
Lincoln M. Wong, M.D.