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Methods of Pain Management

We offer a variety of methods for pain management including:

  • epidural infusions or patient-controlled epidural infusions (PCEA),
  • patient-controlled IV medications (PCA),
  • peripheral nerve blocks,
  • nurse-controlled IV and oral medications.
  • A child’s developmental level as well as the surgical procedure help guide us to the best method. All children are safely monitored and methods of pain management are adjusted when needed.

Epidural this form of pain management involves a small tube inserted in the epidural space. It can be very effective at “bathing” nerves in the area where a child’s operation took place.

The PCA form of pain management gives the patient some control. A secure, locked machine allows the patient to push for a safe number of medication doses.  Based on the child’s weight, safety is built in so no child can over-medicate themselves.

Nerve Block is performed by a trained anesthesiologist using ultrasound equipment.  A local anesthetic medication is injected to “block” pain messages in limbs that have undergone a painful procedure (such as knee surgery).

IV or oral (by mouth) pain medications are also available.

Our ultimate goal is to transition each child to oral (or gastrostomy button) medications that they will be continuing at home for pain management. This gives us the opportunity to observe the child’s response to these home meds and make adjustments while they are still in our care.