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2D, QR and tag Codes

When you walk into a supermarket, every product has a barcode. When scanned, these barcodes pull up additional information about that product on a computer or register. 2D Codes evolved from these barcodes. 2D Codes are found on signs and products and in print publications. Once scanned into a mobile device, the code redirects the consumer to more information, whether a webpage, video or other interactive mobile experience.

There are two types of 2D Codes - QR Codes (shortened from Quick Response Codes) and Microsoft Tags.

QR Codes

black & white or one color

Multiple apps that may only work on certain types of codes
May have to download multiple apps to use
Can be confusing


Microsoft Tags

black & white or full color

one app to download from one location that works for all tags:

Children's Hospital & Medical Center uses Microsoft Tag codes in its publications and Foundation materials. To download the free Microsoft Tag app, visit on your mobile device.

Here is an example of our Gifts of Gratitude Tag.

Gifts of Gratitude Recognition Program at Children's Hospital & Medical Center, Omaha, Nebraska