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Application and Interview Process

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Application Process

New graduate nurses can apply for staff RN Resident: Ambulatory/Home Healthcare/Hospital position for the Nurse Residency Program. Children’s will start accepting applications in September for the spring hire; January applications will be accepted for the summer hire and April-May applications will be accepted for the fall hire.

Stage 1: Complete the initial application online. You will be re-directed to Careerlink. Select the Nurse Resident job posting to apply. Candidates will be invited to submit an on-demand video interview and upload a resume.

Stage 2: Candidates who meet the Nurse Residency program criteria will be asked to complete Stage 2 of the application process. Stage 2 includes:

• You will receive an email inviting you to enter your reference names and contact information into the online reference check tool (Healthcare Source), one reference must be from a clinical faculty member (instructor).
• Official school transcripts from BSN program

Interview Process

Children’s will begin accepting applications in September for the spring hire; in January for the summer hire; and in April-May for the fall hire.

After applications have been screened and approved, potential candidates will be invited to interview for the nurse resident position. The applicant's interests in a specific Nurse Resident track will be discussed at the interview.

Interviews will last up to 45 minutes and are conducted as a group interview with members of the Nurse Residency Program steering team. All candidates will be asked to give a five-minute presentation on a recent independent school project and related outcome. The presentation should focus on individual work, not a group project. Visuals can include a PowerPoint presentation, a poster board or other media appropriate to share the presentation.

Candidates who aren’t selected for an interview will be notified via email.