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Swimming, dance and gymnastics are at the top of the list for this dynamic 5-year-old.  Inquisitive and bright, Olivia already understands that she cannot eat many of the foods her friends can.

She was diagnosed with celiac disease in January 2012, shortly after her younger sister, Anna.  In May 2013, Olivia’s family learned she also has inflammatory bowel disease.  The girls make routine trips from Dakota Dunes, SD to see their pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Pablo Palomo and nurse practitioner Kristin Madden.

Olivia’s parents don’t mind the drive.  They say the pediatric GI team at Children’s is just like family -- with them every step of the way, always available to answer questions and offer reassurance.

Olivia and Anna follow a strict diet and are 100 percent gluten free.  Both girls are growing, thriving, and feeling good