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Other Bone Disorders We Treat

In addition to treating patients with OI, we see patients for a number of other bone disorders, including hereditary forms of rickets, osteoporosis due to other health problems and hypophosphatasia.

Hypophosphatemic Rickets
A hereditary form of rickets, which is the softening and weakening of bones in patients who are not yet skeletally mature.

  • Hypophosphatemic rickets are resistant to treatment with Vitamin D.
  • Frequently patients with this form of rickets will also have a decreased amount of phosphorus in their blood.

Pediatric or Juvenile Osteoporosis
A progressive condition marked by the loss of bone density or insufficient bone formation, thereby weakening the bones and making them more susceptible to fractures.

  • Although much more common in older adults, osteoporosis can occur during childhood.
  • Most often, osteoporosis during childhood is caused by an underlying medical condition (called secondary osteoporosis) or a genetic disorder (such as osteogenesis imperfecta).

Hypophosphatasia (HPP)
A hereditary bone disorder that affects the development of bones and teeth.

  • In its most severe form, it is frequently fatal shortly after birth.
  • In its milder form, patients may not be aware of hypophosphatasia until adulthood, at which point increased fractures, bone pain and early tooth loss may be present.