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Participating Institutions

Listed here are the institutions that participate in the Pediatric Residency Program:

Children's Hospital & Medical Center is just that – a hospital designed to meet the very specific needs of children, whether medical, social or emotional. It is in this free-standing hospital that you will see a wide range of pediatric conditions. From assisting in the care of a recent open heart surgery patient to caring for children on the medical-surgical floors, residents learn what it means to really get to know young patients and their families. Visit Children's Hospital at

Creighton University Medical Center – Affiliated with Creighton University School of Medicine, this busy inner-city medical center is where Residents will receive trauma training. Creighton Medical Center also is where Residents will receive much of their ambulatory clinic training. Visit Creighton University Medical Center at

The University of Nebraska Medical Center -This nationally renowned transplant center is where medical students work side-by-side with a wide-range of pediatric specialists in the classic university setting, an essential part of any pediatric residency program. Visit the University of Nebraska Medical Center at