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Preparing for Surgery

Once you know your child will undergo eye surgery, you can start preparing:


Here is a checklist to further assist your preparations:

  • Talk to your child’s physician about the surgery to be performed, including expectations, the reason for the procedure, risks, benefits and alternatives.
  • Ask your physician if there are medications your child should avoid or stop taking temporarily before surgery.
  • Check with your physician about what your child can or can’t eat or drink before surgery.
  • Contact your insurance carrier to ensure your child's coverage. 
    • Bring all preoperative test results, a copy of the history and physical, insurance card and guardianship papers (if applicable) with you the day of surgery or have this information faxed to the CARES Unit at 402-955-4730.
    • Prepare a list of questions or concerns to discuss with your child's surgeon the day of surgery.


At the hospital

  • You will be asked to sign an informed consent form verifying that you and your child’s physician have discussed the surgery and that you understand the risks, benefits and alternatives.
  • The staff responsible for your child’s care will, on several occasions, verify your child’s identification and what kind of surgery is planned.