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School/Education Support Services

“Kids Keep Up!”

“Kids Keep Up!” is Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s education program to help patients who miss a significant amount of school stay academically involved. If your child will be missing school due to a lengthy stay, our School Teacher/Education Liaison can provide support and advocate for you and your child by:
• Acting as a liaison between your family and your child’s school
• Keeping communication open with your child’s teachers
• Sending and receiving homework, tests, quizzes and projects as needed through fax and email
• Administering standardized testing
• Scheduling video chats via Skype or Face Time with teachers and classmates to keep your child connected
• Assisting with the setup of homebound instruction during your child’s transition home

“Dream Big, READ!”

Research shows that students who read for pleasure, or are read to, perform better in school. “Dream Big, READ!” is a summer reading incentive program to encourage patients to read for the fun of it. The School Teacher/Education Liaison aids patients in setting goals by logging minutes, pages, chapters, or books. Patients have the opportunity to achieve reading goals daily as well as choose a prize for their accomplishments. “Dream Big, READ!” runs Monday through Thursday from June through mid-August and is available to all patients and siblings of any age! 

For additional questions, concerns, or assistance, please feel free to contact the resource educator:

Dream Big Read Peggy Smith, B.S., M.S.
School Teacher/Education Liaison