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Safe Kids Douglas County

We're Fighting the Number One Killer of Kids.
logo1.png"If a disease were killing our children in the proportion that accidents are, people would be outraged and demand that this killer be stopped.." -- C. Everett Koop, M.D., Honorary Chairman, Safe Kids Worldwide

Injury is the leading killer of our children.
Injuries kill more children each year than diseases, kidnapping and drugs combined. Approximately 6,000 children are killed and 50,000 disabled annually as a result of traffic accidents, burns, drowning, falls, choking, poisoning and other injuries.

Safe Kids Douglas County is a collaboration of community organizations whose goal is to keep kids safe from preventable injuries, the #1 killer of children in the United States. Safe Kids Douglas County is supported by Children's Hospital & Medical Center's Injury Prevention Program.

  • The Child Passenger Safety Task Force conducts car seat checkup events and provides education on car seat safety.
  • The Water Safety Task Force provides drowning prevention education to children and parents in the community.
  • The Pedestrian/Bike Safety Task Force conducts bike helmet fittings and provides free bike helmets to children. They also provide education about pedestrian and bike safety.
  • The Home Safety Task Force provides education on home safety issues such as poisoning, burns, falls, fires and choking.

For information on Safe Kids Douglas County events please contact Travis Hedlund at or 402.955.6815.