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Sleep Lab

The Sleep Laboratory at Children's Hospital & Medical Center is specifically designed for the study of pediatric sleep disorders. Our facility offers individual rooms, which allows one parent to stay overnight with their child.

What is a sleep study?
An overnight sleep study allows us to record the functions of your child's heart, lung and brain activity as well as breathing patterns, leg movements and blood-oxygen levels during sleep. These measurements can be used to identify different sleep stages and various sleep problems.

The Sleep Lab is staffed by registered respiratory therapists who are also registered polysomnography technologists. These specialists help to make the patient and family feel at ease during the study and gather important information throughout the night, including:

  • Breathing patterns monitored by light expandable belts placed around your child's chest and waist and a flow sensor which is placed under the nose
  • General behavior during sleep periods captured on video camera
  • Heart rate monitored with a two-lead EKG
  • Oxygen levels in the blood monitored with a sensor placed on the finger
  • Hours and position of sleep
  • Restless sleep, including periodic limb movements and restless legs
  • Snoring captured on a snore microphone
  • Brain activity and stages of sleep through a four-lead EEG

On the evening of the study, you and your child will check in at 7 p.m. and the study will be completed the following day at 6 a.m.

To contact the Sleep Disorders Center, please call 1-800-833-3100.  Click here for a Sleep Disorders Referral Form.

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