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Special Guests & Visitors

Thank you for your interest in exploring the possibility of visiting the patients at Children's Hospital & Medical Center. We keep the best interests of our patients in mind as we select our special guests and visitors.

If you are planning to generously offer your time, entertainment or donation, please read through the following information so that we may facilitate a positive experience for you, our patients and their families.

Step 1: Please review the guidelines below.

Step 2: If your organization meets the criteria in the guidelines:

  • Complete and submit the Special Guest and Visitor Application for consideration.
  • Applications should be submitted as far in advance as possible but no later than two weeks before the date of the proposed visit.

Step 3: If you have questions, please contact us.

Special Guest and Visitor Guidelines

  1. All visitors should be free of contagious illness. Please review our guidelines.
  2. All members of the visiting group must be 15 years or older to go into the inpatient units or to have direct interaction with patients and families in the hospital lobby.
  3. Your group should be no larger than 10 people if you are proposing an activity where you will have direct interactions with patients.
  4. Visits are scheduled for weekdays only and are limited to approximately one hour. Weekend visits are not available.
  5. Groups or individuals may not distribute materials with religious or political messages or overtones. Content of programs, activities or interactions with patients will also be free of religious or political messages or overtones.
  6. Content of activities and presentations should not deal with emotionally threatening themes such as death, separation, illness, medical procedures or medical personnel.
  7. We only allow licensed costumed characters. Clowns are generally not permitted. All other costumes must be approved prior to your group's visit.
  8. No activities may include fire, candles, sharp objects or any other unsafe or potentially harmful materials.
  9. Because of patient confidentiality, photography is prohibited. Confidentiality also prohibits asking staff, families or patients why specific children are in the hospital or about their medical conditions. Limited photo opportunities can be arranged if discussed in advance.
  10. All plans for distribution of items or gifts will be reviewed by Children's Hospital & Medical Center prior to your visit. No food or candy may be distributed. Latex balloons and latex products are prohibited.

These guidelines have been established to maintain a calm, healing environment, to protect the safety, privacy and well-being of our patients and to promote family-centered care. If your organization meets the criteria in the guidelines, complete and submit the Special Guest and Visitor Application for consideration.

We appreciate your support and generosity!