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Sports Medicine Clinic

two women playing soccerSome kids play sports. Some kids live them.  We get that!

The last couple of decades have seen an increase in athletic participation among children and adolescents.  That also means an increase in youth sports-related injuries. When an injury happens, we’ll help get them back in the lineup.

The SPORTS MEDICINE CLINIC at Children's Hospital & Medical Center is the best place for kids with sports related injuries, such as concussions, sprains and overuse injuries.  You can count on us for complete and accurate diagnosis as well as all star treatment.

Since adolescents are still growing and developing, sports and recreational injury for them is quite different than adults.  We take this into consideration when treating these young student athletes, in order to effectively return to the classroom and field of play as quickly and safely as possible.

Our promise is comprehensive, high quality care for young athletes who experience sports-related injuries, including:

• Concussions
• Musculoskeletal injuries
• Sports Related Infections
• Heat illnesses
• Cardiac issues

In an effort to get your child back in the lineup as quickly and safely as possible, we strive to accommodate same day/next day appointments whenever possible. Our Sports Medicine Clinic offers:

football playerExperience and expertise to diagnose and treat sports-related injuries
X-ray capability on site, eliminating the need for a separate visit to the radiology department
Immediate surgical consult with pediatric orthopedics/sports medicine specialists for cases that may require surgery.
Crutch fitting/Gait training available to help decrease the stress on lower extremity injuries and speed healing
Braces/Splints/Casts applied and custom fit as needed, for support or protection during recovery or play.
Home Exercise Programs taught by our Licensed Athletic Trainers, provided during the visit to get a jump start on the recovery process and speed healing and return to play.

Expertise. Streamlined Progressive Care. Convenience. That’s our winning game plan!

To schedule an appointment please call (402) 955-(PLAY) 7529.

Appointments available without a physician’s referral.

Children's Hospital & Medical Center offers a Sports Physical Therapy program that specializes in the treatment of youth sports injuries.  To learn more about their services, please visit